Memoir Writing Made Easy

Memoir Writing Made Easy

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Want to write your memoirs but not sure how? Memoir Writing Made Easy has the answers. A step-by-step guide to help you generate story ideas so you'll never run out of material and write with style so you can be proud to share your finished work. Written for non-writers, topics include setting yourself up for writing success, writing styles and formats, editing, legal issues, publishing ideas and lots more.

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About the Book

Discover the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Enjoyable Way To Create Your Memoir Book, Even If You’ve Never Written a Single Word!

Share your stories so your friends, children, or grandchildren and generations to come will know something about who you are and where they have come from. Everyone makes a mark of who they are and their accomplishments. Everyone has a story.

Imagine your friends and family reading about what life was like for you and what you who you are. And your grandchildren, descendants, and others that live a hundred years from now or more will be able to know all about you. Give a face to your DNA.

The ties through generations can be strengthened and you – through your memoir, your collection of memories and stories, can play an essential role in giving the generations who follow you a sense of belonging, of continuity…and just maybe, a deeper understanding of who they are.

Imagine this; a quarter century from now, your grandchildren’s children comparing stories in your autobiography with those of their friends’ family histories… or drawing into their school reports on what happened in the 20th or 21st century using YOUR first hand accounts.

Writing your autobiography could be a way to give future generations an alternative view of the history of your time – something real and personal – rather than limiting them to official or academic histories.

Everyone Has A Book In Them But Few People Ever Get It Out In Their Lifetime


What is sad is the majority of people will never get their memoirs recorded during their lifetimes. Then its too late. Stories are lost forever for future generations. Even those people with the best of intentions for writing that book one day either procrastinate until it’s too late, think that writing is far too difficult, or have no idea where to begin.
Writing your story or memoirs can be a daunting task. Many people have a difficult time even finding where to start. Some have notes and others have written some stories but cannot get organized or make the content flow.

  • Or maybe you’ve already started writing some stories, but you can’t seem to keep going.
  • Or you don’t know what to do with the stories you’ve written.
  • Or you wonder if you’re doing it right.

Also it’s so easy to get lost in the complexities of publishing. Too many people spend thousands of dollars going down the wrong publishing path. Not knowing how to use the many options available, they end up frustrated and in the wrong place.

In addition to the formidable task of writing there are choosing book and chapter titles, formatting, editing, proofreading, ISBN, copyrights, publishing, and much more.

Learn How to Craft Descriptive Inspiring Stories Even If You Have Never Written A Single Word

Memoir Writing Made Easy is designed to be easy to use, even if you don’t think you can write. I created a step by step manual to help people just like you successfully write their memoirs with confidence.

Hello! I am Gail Woodard and I want to thank you for visiting our web site. At Dudley Court Press, we help authors focus on strategic book development, marketing, distribution, and sales so that their book experience is satisfying and their books make a difference. As an author and publisher, I know how daunting a book project can be. I spent years as a strategic planner, marketer and educator.

The methods and details you are getting have taken me years to accumulate. I do not say this lightly: If you have searched for help at all you probably know it could take you years and a small fortune to gather all the VITAL information you need and that is covered in detail in this comprehensive guide.

I realize how important getting your stories right is for you and your family and friends. Besides helping you with every step toward your goal I want you want you and your family and friends to be thrilled with your book.

Why Writing Your Life Story Is So Important Today

For centuries we wrote letters. Many people kept them to read years later. Generations later people discover these letters wrapped up with ribbons or stored away in a special trunk. They are fascinated and delight in reading the personal history.

Today we write texts and emails and think because they are digital, they’ll be around forever. But who’s ever going to go back to draw all those emails together into one place, into one special book. A book that can be handed to someone with an invitation to learn about grandma or grandpa, or a special time like the year you spent in Germany or Thailand, or maybe a special place like a family ranch or farm or summer cottage.

We used to spend evenings sharing stories – around the dining room table, or the campfire. Today you compete with all that other media and even around the dining table, half the people are checking their smart phones for the latest text message or email or whatever.

This Is a Venture In Creativity You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Once you let go of any lingering fears, writing can become a huge source of pleasure and gratification. Writing gives you the means to express your deepest self. This is an exercise of creativity you will not find anywhere else. I will be helping you:
Discover a new creative outlet that will yield insights and remembrances to share with family and friends.
Open the portals of your imagination to re-discover lost memories and forgotten life experiences.
Learn how to write with clarity and creativity so people will love reading your stories .
Use proven writing techniques that keep story ideas flowing so you never run out of material.
Follow simple tricks to improve your writing immediately so you feel confident as you continue to write

This Really Is So Easy!

Just like the name ‘Memoir Writing Made Easy’ promises, you will be guided through an easy-to-follow process that gets you started and helps you keep writing for as long as you want. If you can open an email and download a PDF, you can do this.

I’m going to share with you the tricks I discovered that makes this so SIMPLE.

  • The secrets to developing the writing habit
    The method to QUICKLY fill your book with stories
    How to choose the best structure for your memoir book
    How to avoid what most people do that stops their natural creative flow dead in its tracks
    Discover ways to write to create pages that fascinate your readers.
    And much more…

Imagine The Surprised Looks of Your Family and Friends When You Hand Them a Beautifully Bound Book of Your Life Story!

Your stories will be cherished now and your legacy enjoyed by future generations. A treasure of your legacy in descriptive and intriguing language so future generations can learn about you, your adventures and challenges, friends and family members, and the times.

Here is what you are going to discover:


See the Secrets of How to Set Yourself Up for Success From the Start So That You Roll Right Through Your Project and Have a Book Your Family and Friends will Rave About!

Learn How to Open the Flood Gates of Your Memory and Get All the Story Ideas You’ll Ever Need!

Discover Story Telling Methods That Make Words So Intriguing They Can’t Put the Book Down!

See How to Avoid Any Hurt Feelings or Possible Legal Entanglements (Major concerns for Memoir Writers.)

Discover How to Keep Writing and Get Your Book DONE Even If You Already Have a Hectic Schedule .

Find Out About All the Ins and Outs of Getting Your Book Ready for Publishing So That You Avoid the Pitfalls and Headaches That Make Many Writers Give Up Altogether.

You Will Learn How to Do All This Even If You Have Never Written a Single Word!

“Gail is a fierce advocate for her clients. She draws out the best in them and insures that they speak with authenticity, clarity and confidence.” – Tina Graf, Freelance Editor

“ Gail Woodard’s enthusiasm and knowledge inspired me to complete four books and to re-release a book previously published in Singapore.” – Frederick Fisher, author of Sinocide, Serendipity, Three Lives of Eve, Betrayal of Innocence: Samantha’s Story and Confucius Jade

So many people will never get their stories out. They will be lost forever. Don’t let this happen to you. Get started right now and within a short time you can surprise your family and friends with your legacy book. I am so committed to helping you get your stories out that I have priced the manual at only $27.

And you are also getting; Brainstorming Topics, Writing Tips, and Downloadable Templates for Story Outlines and the Idea Bank.

Money Back Guarantee: I am so convinced that I can help you make your project come to fruition with my guide that if you are not absolutely thrilled with Memoir Writing Made Easy I will refund every penny no questions asked. That is as good a guarantee as there is and it’s good for two months.

About the Author
M. Gail Woodard

Born in Boston, she graduated from Albertus Magnus College and earned an MBA from Yale University. After fifteen years in the corporate world focused on strategic planning and marketing, she closed her consulting practice to begin a new adventure - home-schooling her three sons, then ages 8, 6 and 3. For the next decade, they learned and grew together, exploring all their Santa Barbara, CA neighborhood had to offer, traveling around the U.S. and living in both Mexico and France. Later she lived in southern Arizona where she taught finance and management at the University of Arizona South and yoga in her home studio.

Most recently she's become 'happily homeless,' exploring parts of the U.S. and Latin America as she continues to grow her publishing services business, Dudley Court Press. Thanks to technology, she is always in touch with her clients and team, as well as with family and friends, around the globe. As publisher and author coach at Dudley Court Press, she helps authors clarify and achieve their publishing goals. Her way of living a joyful life today is to assist business and wellness professionals get their books done, and done right. Using technology and taking advantage of all the offerings within the publishing industry today, her team helps authors make the right strategic choices for writing, designing, publishing and marketing meaningful books.

If you've got a book project in mind, or if you've got questions about living your live more joyfully, please visit 'Life on this Earth is short - why not make it sweet? Here's to your joy!' -Gail Woodard

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