Love-Based Leadership
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Genre: Leadership
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2020
Length: 176 pages
ISBN: 9781958893036

Love-Based Leadership author Dr. Maria Church delivers the ultimate follow-up blueprint for leaders in an era demanding softer stewardship. Citing Plato, Stephen Covey and Dr. Dyer, she teaches how we, as meaning-seeking animals, can find our “why” through inner stillness and use these visions to conjure up everyday miracles in the office.

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About the Book

In a world where leadership doesn’t always know where we are headed, knowing how to get there can be even
more challenging. In Loved Based Leadership, Dr. Maria Church builds and expands on her successful Love Based Leadership model developed a decade ago. In this 10th Anniversary Edition, she explores the need for leadership based not on fear or intimidation, but on respect for self, respect for others, honor, and integrity. The need for care over competition is emphasized in a leadership style that rewards success while establishing an environment that cherishes individuality, support, and a safe and loving environment. Based on the three pillars of Love of Self, Love of Source, and Love of Others, Dr. Church’s book outlines not only the how but also the why of a leadership model built on what helps us succeed in life and business. This is the leadership model that can forever change how authentic leadership is perceived. Love Based Leadership shares insights on increasing power by sharing it and how to rebuild your organization’s leadership structure to strengthen it from within.

About the Author
Dr. Maria Church

Maria is a corporate refugee with Fortune 500 experience,
government, and academia adventures that constitute a
treasure trove of very bad boss and truly good leader
experiences. She's committed to sharing her love of
leadership with anyone who crosses her path. Her
executive coaching, teaching, and keynote speeches
inspire others to be their best leadership selves. With a
doctorate of management in organizational leadership,
Maria now empowers leaders to learn love-based

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