Kiss Fewer Frogs: The Fast Track Secret to Your Fairy Tale Ending
$16.95eBook: $8.99
Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2022
Length: 246 pages
ISBN: 9781940013909

Kiss Fewer Frogs: The Fast Track Secret to Your Fairy Tale Ending is an entertaining, results-oriented road map for any woman to meet her type of man – and weed out the rest. Written by a well-known relationship coach, this straight-talking, no-holds-barred guide can help women rewrite their dating script – and find true love.

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About the Book

There are only seven princes to choose from.

Which one is right for you?

Had enough cookie-cutter dating advice? Seven distinct types of males exist so getting and keeping the one that’s right for you requires a better approach. 

Kiss Fewer Frogs delivers a revolutionary road map for women tired of dating – and sometimes marrying – the wrong men. Based on twenty years of research in psychology, science, and the principles of compatibility and chemistry, best-selling author James Sheridan identifies seven types of men and then shows women how to recognize each type within minutes of meeting them.

With warmth and wit, Kiss Fewer Frogs reveals:

  • The two big lies of conventional dating wisdom and the two big revelations that revolutionize dating forever
  • Easy to use personality blueprints for each of the seven princes
  • How to choose, find, and keep the prince that’s right for you
  • A player’s deepest secret, and how to avoid him
  • Why some types of princes need more signals from you than others
  • Seven secrets to successfully navigate from first date to wedding day
  • The six magic ingredients single men are looking for in a life partner

Sheridan’s advice has changed the lives of thousands of women in his one-on-one relationship coaching sessions and in audiences around the world. Now his fast-track secret to a fairy tale ending is available in Kiss Fewer Frogs which entertains as it removes the blindfold from every woman’s romantic journey. Why waste valuable years figuring out if you made the right choice when you can choose now with your eyes wide open?

About the Author
James Sheridan

James Sheridan blends psychology, anthropology, and genetic science to deliver a breakthrough self-improvement concept which he presents in everyday language in his new book The YOU Code. Based on deep study of the work of psychologist Carl Jung and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, along with research in genetic sciences and anthropology, Sheridan’s Genetypal Theory has been tested and honed in workshops, trials and focus groups over the past decade. Thousands of people from a cross section of nationalities and backgrounds consistently and reliably have found true meaning and purpose in their lives using Sheridan’s genetypal framework.

A student of history, business, and science in London, Sheridan became a 737 aircraft captain and then retired early to pursue his interests in psychology, finance and real estate. He is a speaker, an award-winning copywriter, and has consulted for Nasdaq and Inc. 5000 companies. His first book, The Pandora Prescription, became an international bestseller.

James Sheridan received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for his book The YOU Code.

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