Buy & Build CEO: Leveraging Private Equity to Build a Winning Global Business
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Genres: Business, Non-fiction
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2022
Length: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781958893005

Discover the secrets behind transforming a regional company with $35 million in annual sales into a global leader bringing in over $650 million in Buy & Build CEO: Leveraging Private Equity to Build a Winning Global Business. Ted Clark, author of Shipping Clerk to CEO: The Power of Curiosity, Will, and Self-Directed Learning, combines a compelling personal story with straight talk on buy-and-build merger acquisition strategies and insights you won’t hear in your MBA program.

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About the Book

“This is a story about creating wealth—lots of it.” – Ted Clark

Ted Clark is back with an engaging primer on one of the business world’s most rewarding paths to success: the “buy-and-build” merger and acquisition strategy using private equity. Buy & Build CEO: Leveraging Private Equity to Build a Winning Global Business combines personal journey, research, and straight talk you won’t hear in your MBA program.

“Private equity helps democratize access to the American Dream by investing capital in people and companies based on merit and results,” Clark emphasizes. “At its best, it creates value by partnering with management teams and helping those teams realize their potential.”

Few are born with silver spoons in their mouths, so how do ordinary people find ways to build almost-unimaginable wealth? With neither college degrees nor family connections, Clark worked his way up from forklift driver to CEO of the parent company of the business that had first hired him 22 years before. He tells that story in his first book, Shipping Clerk to CEO: The Power of Curiosity, Will, and Self-Directed Learning. Now he takes readers to a whole new level of financial achievement. Once again, curiosity, tenacity, and good instincts served him well when Clark decided to leave the huge corporation he once led to launch his own company. In this disarmingly candid narrative, he names names while giving readers a behind-the-curtains look into the world of leveraging other people’s money.

According to the American Investment Council, “since 2013, private equity funds have been investing more than $400 billion annually into tens of thousands of American companies.”

Clark outlines the power of private equity in 19 lessons with detailed examples from his and others’ business journeys. Sidebars with tips and resources help make this a one-of-a-kind guide to building a corporation throughout targeted acquisitions and private investment.

Step-by-step, decision-by-decision, Buy & Build CEO takes us from the earliest stages of envisioning a new business to the end game of selling out at a very substantial profit just fourteen years later. Clark describes how he and his very carefully selected team turned a regional company with 68 employees and $35 million in annual sales into a global company with 1,600 employees and over $650 million in sales. Along the way readers learn the finer points of the buy-and-build merger and acquisition strategy:

· Building winning teams
· Managing risk and unknowns
· Taking fiduciary responsibility
· Crafting a pitchbook that draws in investors
· Finding the right private equity partners
· Integrating companies and corporate cultures
· Going global

Clark’s road to building his own company wasn’t always easy; he readily admits to mistakes in working with a board of directors, hiring people who were not right for the job, and navigating “deal fatigue” to know when it’s right to walk away after months of pursuing a new acquisition. His new company faced many challenges, including early bankruptcy, a union strike, the 9-11 tragedy, and the 2008 recession. Yet industry experience, leadership skills, and well-honed contingency plans helped Clark and his team weather the unexpected.

“The future is faster than we can imagine,” Clark emphasizes. “It is my ultimate hope that this book helps others looking for ways to survive and thrive in this ever-changing business world.”

About the Author
Ted Clark

Theodore (Ted) Clark is a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor with over 40 years of experience. Starting as a shipping clerk at age 19, he rose through the ranks to become President & CEO of Products Research & Chemical Corporation (PRC), a global leader in aircraft and construction sealants and coatings. In 2003, Ted co-founded Royal Adhesives & Sealants and built it through 19 acquisitions into one of the top 10 adhesives and sealant companies in the world. Ted consults with business managers on acquisitions and growth strategies using private equity capital. He lives in southern California.

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