A Course in Leadership: 21 Spiritual Lessons on Power, Love and Influence
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Genre: Leadership
Publisher: Dudley Court Press
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781958893074

Love-Based Leadership author Dr. Maria Church delivers the ultimate follow-up blueprint for leaders in an era demanding softer stewardship. Citing Plato, Stephen Covey and Dr. Dyer, she teaches how we, as meaning-seeking animals, can find our “why” through inner stillness and use these visions to conjure up everyday miracles in the office.

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About the Book

What if by slowing down, you could rise to the top as a leader? Or if a simple shift in perspective could create miracles at work? What if meditation unlocked success?

You could, it can, it does. Prepare for your core beliefs about leadership to implode.

A Course in Leadership by Dr. Maria Church arms leaders with the essential soft skills associated with visionary thinkers today. Filled with highly relatable examples and real-world activities, it explains why leaders must also be followers, why compartmentalizing our lives no longer works and how dismissing mental chatter helps us to “show up” as beings guided divinely by instinct.

With more than three decades in the professional world, and armed with thousands of conversations with real leaders, Dr. Church expands on her Love-Based Leadership model with 21 new lessons aimed at developing leadership competency through spirituality. Pointing to self-care, non-judgment, and gratitude as the new North Stars in our professional climate, the Love-Based Leadership author removes further barriers between spiritual teachings and business growth strategies in A Course in Leadership, strengthening her unconventional love-driven blueprint for corporate success.

A Course in Leadership is full of universal truths for managers and leaders who want to:

  • develop self-awareness
  • learn how to connect with employees
  • motivate teams
  • inspire followers and
  • think creatively

Be inspired to slow down, be mindful and leave ego at the door so you can build deeper, more substantive relationships through consciously crafted visions. 

About the Author
Dr. Maria Church

Maria is a corporate refugee with Fortune 500 experience,
government, and academia adventures that constitute a
treasure trove of very bad boss and truly good leader
experiences. She's committed to sharing her love of
leadership with anyone who crosses her path. Her
executive coaching, teaching, and keynote speeches
inspire others to be their best leadership selves. With a
doctorate of management in organizational leadership,
Maria now empowers leaders to learn love-based

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