It pays to be an expert. Don’t be afraid to write the book on your industry and get recognized for what you know.

In every industry, experts are in demand for their knowledge and experience. People trust what experts have to say and want to hear from them. Experts use this position to differentiate themselves from competitors as well as regularly attract new clients and new business opportunities. In addition, experts can charge – and it is expected that they charge – more for their services than their unrecognized counterparts can.

As you can see, there are many advantages to being an expert. However, the process of starting to be perceived as an expert – increasing your credibility and becoming more recognized in your field – isn’t as mysterious as you might think. Have you ever thought about writing a book to share your knowledge and experience with others for years to come?

We’ve found that hands down the best way to inspire trust in others and establish yourself as an expert is by writing and promoting a book. After all, who would you rather have to help you with a problem? Someone who read a book on a particular topic, or someone who actually wrote the book on that topic?

What to Write About and How

There are different ways that you can express your knowledge and experience in book form, but first, let’s dispense with a persistent myth.

You don’t have to write a 500-page opus if you want to write a book. In many cases, between 100 and 200 laser-focused pages is all that you’ll need to adequately convey your ideas. A good editor, however, can make sure that your words pack just the right punch, no matter the eventual length of the book.

What about the content – the meat of your book? Here is where you will channel your passion and share what you know. Consider writing your book on:

  • A specific subject or topic that you are knowledgeable about.
  • A particular skill you have.
  • The industry you work in, e.g. what’s new, what’s changed, how it works from the inside and important industry issues.

Do some brainstorming and make a list with all of the possibilities. Then narrow the list down.

Your ideas may be a result of your education and training, your experience, your research or a combination of these. The important thing is to share some knowledge that not everyone has; it’s this transfer of knowledge from you to your readers that will make your book’s content worthwhile to others.

The Expert Effect

The ideas you share are extremely valuable; however, the power of a book isn’t only contained within its pages. After all, not everyone will actually sit down and read your book. Many more people will only hear about it. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
A book can have an effect on more than just its readers and increase your reputation both in your industry and in the wider world.

The “expert effect” is the result of the exposure and the positive gains your book garners for you. Your book will become part of your narrative, position you as someone with answers and inspire others to have greater trust in what you know.

When you write your biography for a speaking engagement, an article for publication or your own website, or when you explain your qualifications to a potential client, you will be able to rightly present yourself as the author of a relevant book.

If done right, your book will be your greatest calling card and establish you in others’ eyes as someone who is serious about their industry and in turn someone to take seriously as an expert.

Are you interested in taking the next step to becoming an expert?

Expert Guidance

Dudley Court Press is a trusted publishing resource for people with important knowledge and experience to share. We’ve helped many authors shore up their expertise through writing a book.

Our authors have attracted more clients and leads, received new business opportunities, shared their message with new audiences, received positive media exposure and press mentions, expanded their platforms and added to their long lists of career accomplishments.

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