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Born in the mining camp of Santa Rita, New Mexico, Sam Wright grew up among miners, cowboys and Indians.  He follows a life perspective he calls “an adventure in the exploration of meaning.”  He earned degrees in biology, anthropology and theology and taught at the University of New Mexico, University of Texas at El Paso and Starr King School for the Ministry.  

During a sabbatical leave in 1968, Sam and his wife, Billie, moved into the wilderness of Alaska north of the Arctic Circle where they built a twelve-foot by twelve-foot log cabin with simple hand tools on a slope above a mountain lake.  Their goal was to experience intimately the traditional Eskimo way of life by emulating it as much as possible. 

Author of Koviashuvik and Edge of Tomorrow:An Arctic Year, Sam and his present wife, Donna Lee, currently spend their time between Arizona and Alaska. The Way It Was is his most recent book.