Are You Just Getting Started?

Are you just getting started with your book?

Do you have a book idea but you’re not sure how to get your book published and into readers’ hands?

You’re ready to take on the challenge but you’re not even sure what questions to ask?

Welcome to Dudley Court Press. We’re a hybrid book publisher and we can help.

We can help.

We can walk side-by-side with you through the whole process of writing, publishing and marketing your book. And we’re available to work with you over the long term.

We’d love to help you achieve your dream of successfully publishing your book.

Helping leaders present their passions

Gail Woodard and her team at Dudley Court Press do an impressive job of helping leaders present their passions and knowledge in well-conceived, professionally published books. Gail is an excellent guiding hand for people who need help in today’s complicated publishing environment. She knows what’s going on and she knows how to help people achieve their goals. Her clients rave about her and I’m happy to refer anyone I can.

Ruth McMullin, Former CEO, John Wiley & Sons and Harvard Business School Publishing Corp.

Here’s Your First Step

As your first step on your publishing journey, please read my book, Steps to Publishing a Book. It’s my gift to you. You’ll discover the important steps you’ll need to take to confidently publish YOUR book.