If you have a manuscript that’s been languishing on the back burner for years, you may feel like it’s so stale it’s beyond redemption. In some cases, a subject is so topical that you can’t revive it. But for most non-fiction books, you can take a stale manuscript and transform it into a fresh book for a contemporary audience with some rewriting and editing. A hybrid publisher can guide you through the process.

Updating It for Today with a Hybrid Publisher

Suppose you wrote your manuscript several years ago or even several months ago. In that case, your first step is to reread the entire manuscript and carefully mark any references to events in time. Writers often make these references without thinking about how they will age as time moves on. A hybrid publisher can read your manuscript with fresh eyes, quickly picking up on these references when you may gloss over them because you’re too close to your work.

Incorporating New Materials

Updating or removing specific time references will keep your book relevant. You may also want to add new material if new research is available, recent events have occurred, or you’ve undergone a significant transformation since the events in your manuscript. Any evolution since you first wrote your manuscript should be included in your new version. The right hybrid publisher will offer suggestions on integrating new material into a stale manuscript to create a cohesive whole. 

A Hybrid Publisher Offers Design Expertise

A hybrid publishing house can also revamp the look and feel of a stale manuscript. If you previously tried to self-publish and produced a stodgy or amateur looking book that didn’t sell, a hybrid publishing house such as Dudley Court Press can give your book an exciting new look that’s enticing to a whole new set of readers. We understand what makes a great book cover and encourages readers to purchase.

Hybrid publishing companies can also help with the book’s overall structure, chapter layout, book design, font, and more. Perhaps shorter chapters with summaries make more sense. Or longer units with photographs. The advantages of working with an experienced publisher who will work with you to turn your stale manuscript into an up-to-the-minute book for today’s readers is tremendous. With hybrid publishing, your book will be ahead of the curve, not behind it. 

Dudley Court Press 

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