There are many publishing success stories at Dudley Court Press, but one that we’re most pleased with is the story of Lee Albert, NMT. Before writing his books, Lee was a popular massage therapist, yoga instructor, and an acknowledged expert in neuromuscular pain relief. He had developed a method called Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT). Lee was not a writer and hadn’t seriously considered writing a book. He didn’t know how and wasn’t sure there was a large enough audience for a book on a narrow topic.

Lee Albert on the Road to Publishing Success

Lee’s path to becoming a successful author began with a conversation. I approached him after my own experience with his powerful healing and pain relief techniques. When I suggested he write a book to share with others who could benefit from his expertise, he was doubtful. 

We talked about his knowledge and the impressive results he achieved with patients. Lee soon realized he did have a message to share. A book could help him communicate that message to a much larger audience. We worked together to develop a structure for the book, determine what he needed to include, and how he would present the information. The target audience was anyone who suffered from chronic pain and wanted drug-free relief and more control over their health.

Book One and Book Two

Lee Albert’s first book, Live Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery, was a best seller at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in its first printing. It is currently available in digital and print forms at bookstores and online. After the success of Live Pain Free, interest in Integrated Positional Therapy and the use of yoga for better health increased. Lee soon realized he had another book in him – this one about using yoga, modifying the ancient practice to address the needs of those suffering from chronic pain. His second book, Yoga for Pain Relief: A New Approach to an Ancient Practice, also met with publishing success. Both books have been Amazon best-sellers and Live Pain-Free has been translated into several languages. 

Beyond Book Success

At Dudley Court Press, we’re proud of Lee’s success as a writer. What started as a desire to share his pain relief methods with others has transformed his life and touched countless others. Since publishing two books through Dudley Court Press, he has become an Amazon best-selling author and received the 2108 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award in the Health and Fitness Category. He has also starred in a PBS special, 3 Steps to Pain Free Living, and now has his own PBS special, Joyful, Pain Free Living. His seminars on ergonomic training to minimize workplace injuries help businesses create safer, healthier workplaces across dozens of industries.

What Will Be Your Book Publishing Success Story?

Lee Albert wasn’t sure he had a book in him. Working with Dudley Court Press, he discovered that he had the know-how to craft an important book that helps others overcome pain daily. As a result, his books have changed the lives of others over and over again. The books also opened up opportunities on television to reach an even greater audience. Not every book published will lead to television programs, but at Dudley Court Press, we are confident that your book will lead to publishing success and open new doors for you and your readers.

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