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Book Project Complimentary Consultation

Contact UsThanks for your interest in a complimentary consult for your book project. During your private, 30-minute call, you and Gail Woodard, publisher at Dudley Court Press, will discuss the status of your current (or proposed) book project and your goals for publishing and distributing your book.


By the end of the 30-minute call, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of why it’s important to choose the best options for you out of all the possible publishing choices you could make.
  • Know the next step to take to move closer to your goals for publishing and distributing your book.

To schedule your complimentary call, please use this link to find a convenient time for you on Gail Woodard’s calendar: 


When you set up your appointment, we’ll ask you some questions which are designed to:

  • Help us understand your book project and your goals.
  • Help us more effectively help you with your personal publishing strategy.
  • Focus your intentions so that you get the most out of your call.

We’ll also provide you with a few other pieces of information to help make your call with Gail as productive and focused for you as we possibly can. We want you to make progress on your book project – from wherever you are now – so that you achieve your goals as a successful author.

Make your appointment with Gail today by using this link:




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