People and places change. Experience alters our perceptions and memories fade as new ones take their places. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could commit your recollections to paper now – as something that could be passed down to future generations forever? Or at least so you’ll have your in-the-moment views to reflect up later?

Call it memoir writing, journaling, or preserving memories – here are five reasons to start recording your memories now:

1) The Art of Recall. A good sense of recollection helps you better form an identity, relationships, and make sound choices from adolescence to adulthood according to Sue Shellenbarger a columnist for the Wall Street Journal ‘s Work and Family Column.

2) Let It Go. Putting your past down in words allows you to let go of burdens. It can also help you recognize negative patterns such as depression, anxiety, and addictions. And when you acknowledge these behaviors, you can do something to change them. Hence, you are more likely to break negative cycles for future generations.

3) Relive Your Accomplishments. Now is the chance to focus on the positive and let go of negative drama. Discover deeper meaning to your experiences, and appreciate how far you have come in this life. Preserving your memories gives you the benefit of time and perspective.

4) Let’s Be Honest. You know what’s great about preserving your memories? It’s your story. That means you can start and focus on whatever it is you like. There are no rules. it’s your version of the truth. You also get to discover new things about yourself outside of being a parent, child, or employee. Who knew what an athlete, singer, or actor you are.

5) Make the Connection. Have you ever wondered where you get your talent, personality, likes, and dislikes? Share your information with family and you are bound to unlock the key and strengthen relationships. What’s more is uncovering old memories often leads to new memories. Details and images come to mind and you are granted the opportunity to step back in time.

It is said life is a journey. Sure, there might be some memories you would rather forget, but what is life without some twists and turns along the way? It is these variances that make a great story – your story. You do not have to be an English major to get it all down. All you need are your thoughts, time, and motivation. Need help writing your story?

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