Still wondering what to give some of your loved ones this year? Here on the blog last week we had a few suggestions about what you could get for the family and friends on your holiday shopping list. We recommended four recent books from Dudley Court Press. But why give someone a book, you might ask? Because the gift of knowledge and the power of a good story never go out of style!

This week we have a few more recommendations: five books that will make superb gifts for some of the special people in your life this holiday season. These titles are all available as both paperbacks and Kindle ebooks.

Pay Attention, Say Thank You: Seven Rules & Practices for Joyful Living

Dudley Court Press - Pay Attention Say Thank You - Gail Woodard
Give the gift of happiness to your loved ones with the delightful book Pay Attention, Say Thank You: Seven Rules & Practices for Joyful Living. This book shares simple guidelines and techniques to help people to relax more, see the world differently and live their lives more joyfully. Because who doesn’t need a little more happiness?

Zero to a Billion: 61 Rules Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Grow a Government Contracting Business

Dudley Court Press - Zero to a Billion - David Kriegman
For the entrepreneur in your midst, Zero to a Billion by David Kriegman shows readers how they can successfully do business with the federal government and prosper. This how-to book was written for entrepreneurs who want to start their own successful government contracting business as well as for those who wish to grow the business they already have. With a thoughtful and practical gift like this, your entrepreneurially-minded loved one will thank you from the bottom of their heart!

B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration: The Story of a WWII Bomber’s Return to Glory in Honor of the Veterans of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Dudley Court Press - B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration - Jerome McLaughlin
Written by former project executive Jerry McLaughlin, B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration makes a winning gift for anyone fascinated by World War II or by airplanes. The book recounts how a group of volunteers lovingly restored a World War II-era Boeing B-17 bomber, currently on display at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Georgia. B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration is also available as an audiobook.

Bipolar MD: My Life As a Physician with Bipolar Disorder

Dudley Court Press - Bipolar MD - Paul Golden
If you think there’s a loved one in your life who needs a little inspiration of the “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” variety, then consider giving them a copy of Bipolar MD this holiday season. Paul Golden’s memoir is a fascinating story of his successes and failures as a doctor who suffered from mental illness, and the satisfying life he has had in spite of it. Because for most people, life really does turn out okay!

An Insider’s View of Bipolar Disease: How to Recognize the Symptoms, Understand the Treatments and Solve the Challenges to Life, Relationships and Career

Dudley Court Press - An Insiders View of Bipolar Disease -Paul Golden
If you know someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, or who has someone with bipolar disorder in their life, then An Insider’s View of Bipolar Disease may be the gift of knowledge that they really need this year. The book provides straightforward information and clear answers to the many questions that someone with bipolar disorder, and their loved ones, will inevitably have.

Holiday Cheer

We hope that these simple gift suggestions can help you to finish up your holiday shopping. But whatever you choose to give your loved ones this year, we wish you a peaceful holiday season full of all the most important things!