Strategic Book Development, Publication, Marketing, Distribution and Sales

Strategic Book Development, Publication, Marketing, Distribution and SalesAre you lost in the complexities of a publishing project? Are you frustrated by the challenges or confused by the options?

If you’re working on a book project – especially non-fiction – and need guidance or assistance in writing, publishing or marketing your book, we can help.

Welcome to Dudley Court Press!

We Publish Meaningful Books by Interesting Authors.


We’re a one-stop shop for authors. We partner with authors to focus on strategic book development, publication, marketing, distribution and sales so that their book experience is satisfying and their books make a difference. We can help on specific stages of your project, or work with you ‘from soup to nuts’. Not only can we publish your book, we hold your hand each step along the way to make sure that:

  • you are writing the right book,
  • your book is designed and positioned to meet your goals
  • you are guided in your dual role as writer and marketer of your book.

Do You Need Help Publishing Your Book?

Author Coaching

Coaching for AuthorsThe One-on-One Author Coaching Program experience, you will receive down-to-earth developmental editing advice on content, structure, writing style and message clarity.

Strategic Review

Publishing ServicesStrategic thinking and planning is just as important as actually writing your book. We’ll help you get clarity, direction and guidance to move forward with confidence.

Publishing Services

Publishing ServicesAll of our publishing services are customized to each author and book project’s needs. We do not use templates and we do insist on professional editing and design.